When I founded Yaldi, back in December of 2016, I began conducting a fair amount of voice of customer. Some might have called these sales calls, and would be partially correct but, I was earnestly in search of formulating a more effective and agile, contemporary strategic marketing firm that would deliver measurably better results with pace.

In those discussions, as I talked about my firm’s strategic framework numerous CMO’s suggested that I should consider developing a marketing capabilities assessment based on my firm’s strategic framework. Their interest in this type of solution was the result of:

  • Time demands on them in reacting to challenges and opportunities at the C-Suite level
  • Lack of any other marketing leader having the span of control and line of sight to lead such an effort
  • Lack of insight on emerging best practices across all aspects of marketing as most came up through a specific discipline (e.g. product development, strategic marketing, marketing communications, etc.)
  • But most importantly, the strong desire, if not mandate, to rapidly leverage existing, and often times limited, resources to enhance marketing’s revenue contribution

But the solution had to be:

  • Not too time demanding on the client organization
  • Conducted in less than a month
  • Affordable (Pay back in less than 3 months)
  • Designed to provide a focused actionable strategic recommendation

I thought these were all reasonable requirements and strongly believed that such a solution would be tremendously valuable. So, I developed Yaldi’s Marketing Maturity Assessment (MMA) which I believe is a powerful program that meets all the CMO’s requirements. The result is more than a focused strategic recommendation but, a strategic roadmap to gain marketing leverage that will pay for itself in the first 60 days.

For more information, please reach out to me at scott@yaldimarketing.com and I would be happy to schedule a time to share more detail.



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