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Scott has had the good fortune to collaborate with some exceptional clients and colleagues over the course of  his career. He offers a breadth of experience and depth of expertise across the spectrum of marketing disciplines that have enabled him to excel at the highest levels on a global scale. What’s more, he has consulted clients in dynamic industries such as technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, retail, finance and healthcare just to name a few. Specifically, Scott has consulted with a variety of prominent brands including Motorola, FedEx, AT&T Mobility, HTC, Philips Healthcare, Carrier Corporation and Microsoft as well as smaller corporations that while not household names are equally influential brands within their industries. In addition to this, he successfully led global marketing for Intermec Technologies (NYSE: INT), an $800 million global manufacturer of enterprise mobile computing, data capture and RFID hardware, software and services. Following the acquisition of Intermec, he held various marketing leadership roles within Honeywell (NYSE: HON) where he was recognized for his marketing achievements.

Most recently, Scott founded Yaldi, a strategic marketing firm whose mission is to support clients in applying emerging best practices to achieve measurably better results.